A summer Somerset Wedding

Now, I know Beth and Will’s pre-wedding shoot was my last blog entry, but that’s because it was only a couple of weeks before their wedding! Wind forward 3 weeks and here we are, back at the lovely little village of Broomfield in Taunton, living it up for their actual wedding!

Having grown up just down the road in Taunton, Beth and Will kept it close to their hearts and took advantage of the beautiful countryside surrounding their childhood homes. Broomfield village hall was quite the perfect venue choice for these two, as it was right next to Fyne Court – a national trust property with some epic places for couple shots (as we had discovered in our first shoot!) Also it was a totally cute and understated little venue, and I loved all the DIY decorations and personal touches that the couple and their families put so much time into creating.

I love how happy they both are in every photo – such a smiley and affectionate couple (making my job very easy 😉 ). I attempted to narrow down about 900 photos so here’s my best shot at it!




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