Johanna & Co.

A few months ago I travelled to Hayward’s Heath to see my dear friends Kim & Joel and to meet their new baby Johanna. We spent the day taking some family snaps and hanging out with two more awesome families at a lovely house in the country. I absolutely love taking pictures of babies and kids so I was in my element! Here are some of my favourites 🙂


IMG_0041IMG_0042IMG_0048IMG_0101IMG_0152IMG_0002IMG_0014IMG_0019IMG_0026IMG_0058IMG_0068IMG_0082IMG_0028IMG_0049IMG_0109IMG_0116IMG_0088IMG_0095IMG_0102IMG_0036IMG_0038IMG_0050IMG_0106 2IMG_0130IMG_0149IMG_0170IMG_0196IMG_0201IMG_0291.jpgIMG_0284IMG_0311IMG_0280IMG_0271IMG_0283IMG_0333IMG_0352IMG_0380IMG_0405IMG_0412IMG_0431IMG_0459IMG_0473IMG_0466IMG_0486IMG_0499IMG_0502IMG_0270IMG_0299IMG_0306IMG_0079IMG_0115IMG_0136IMG_0170IMG_0196IMG_0199IMG_0210IMG_0213IMG_0219IMG_0222IMG_0251IMG_0320

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