Madeline Vintage Florals

I’ve been meaning to blog this shoot for over a year! This is one of my favourite model shoots to date, featuring the lovely Madeline and a bunch of dresses and outfits that Wild Clothing vintage store in Nottingham let us use! There are so many nice ones I had to just pick the cream of the crop.

One of my resolutions of 2017 is to do more model and creative portraiture shoots. Bring on those spring flowers!

_mg_3590_2_mg_3582smalldouble_mg_3646_mg_3710-copy _mg_3688-double_mg_3738_2_mg_3815_mg_3769_2_mg_3776_2madeline_mg_3834-red_mg_3900_2-new_mg_3854-new_mg_3876_2_mg_3891-s_mg_3905_s_mg_3906maddie

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