Harry & Tissy

I love meeting new people at weddings, but it’s also pretty awesome if you’ve known some of the wedding guests for years. Weddings are just such a great opportunity to bring old friends together, and Harry & Tissy’s was no exception. It was so lovely to see some old faces and photograph one of the nicest couples ever (and literally the most chilled out people I’ve seen on their wedding day).

Harry and Tissy said their vows at St. Nectan’s church in Ashcombe- a picturesque little church set into the Devonshire countryside hills, pretty much right around the corner from where we all grew up. Following the ceremony, we headed to Duck Aller Farm for the reception – a vintage tea party and a barn dance, with some of the cutest wedding decor I’ve ever seen. The theme was beautifully British, with antique crockery, old fashioned type-writers, vintage cameras and wild flowers dotted all over the tables inside a quirky marquee. After a few friendly games of croquet and rounders, and lots of tea, cake and jacket potatoes, the day was rounded off by the Ceilidh, which I just couldn’t help myself get a bit involved in!

A pretty massive congratulations to Mr and Mrs Thompson, childhood sweethearts since year 10! And soon to be Doctor and Doctor Thomspon! Here’s some of their best bits:

IMG_0037IMG_0068IMG_0113IMG_0154 IMG_0144colourIMG_0170IMG_0196IMG_0203IMG_0222IMG_0233   IMG_0234IMG_0238IMG_0246IMG_0256IMG_0260IMG_0267IMG_0269IMG_0276IMG_0293IMG_0301IMG_0302IMG_0314IMG_0320IMG_0323IMG_0327IMG_0359IMG_0351IMG_0364IMG_0374IMG_0381.jpgIMG_0402IMG_0389  IMG_0410IMG_0417IMG_0421IMG_0425IMG_0397IMG_0438IMG_0446   IMG_0473IMG_0469 IMG_0485IMG_0476IMG_0514IMG_0522IMG_0524IMG_0530IMG_0542IMG_0590IMG_0614IMG_0641IMG_0629IMG_0648IMG_0653IMG_0659IMG_0715IMG_0783IMG_0777 IMG_0794IMG_0797IMG_0802IMG_0808IMG_0821IMG_1036IMG_1018IMG_0881IMG_0831IMG_0833IMG_0836IMG_0845IMG_0852IMG_0848IMG_0855IMG_0862IMG_0863IMG_0913IMG_0898IMG_0928IMG_0937IMG_1012IMG_1029IMG_1039IMG_1090IMG_1076IMG_1096IMG_1122IMG_1129IMG_1133IMG_1140IMG_1178-2IMG_1200-2IMG_1236-2IMG_1214-2IMG_1282-2IMG_1297-2IMG_1357-2IMG_1509-2IMG_1392-2IMG_1396-2IMG_1558-2IMG_1562-2IMG_1573-2IMG_1578-2IMG_0998IMG_1609-2IMG_1603-2IMG_1617-2IMG_1619-2IMG_1657-2IMG_1670-2IMG_1705-2IMG_1720-2IMG_1727-2IMG_1728-2IMG_1725-2IMG_1731-2IMG_1732-2IMG_1733-2IMG_1743-2IMG_1828-2IMG_1815-2IMG_1897-2IMG_1880-2IMG_1901-2IMG_1934-2IMG_1938-2IMG_1954-2IMG_1965-2IMG_1975-2IMG_1952-2IMG_1984-2IMG_1998-2IMG_2040-2IMG_2042-2IMG_1968-2IMG_2023-2IMG_2170-2IMG_2131-2IMG_2094-2IMG_2172-2IMG_2183-2IMG_2239-2IMG_2254-2IMG_2388IMG_2269-2

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